Friday, November 19, 2021

Best Sign Up Deal of the Year at Rakuten -- $40 FREE!

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Whenever I shop online I always try to go through a cash back site.  I joined eBates (now
 years ago, and my cash back from just that site is over $800 in the last ten years.  If you start your shopping there, you can get a small amount of cash back.  There are sites like Kohls (and who doesn't love saving at Kohls?).  There are other big stores like eBay, Macy's Target, Ulta, Old Navy, Chewy, and plenty more.

But this is huge news

If you are a new Rakuten member and join between now and December 25, you can get $40 cash back when you spend $40 at any of their stores.

That's right, that's a whole Christmas gift free!  Or if you sell on eBay, you could use it for free shipping supplies if you order through a place like Office Depot.

This offer is REALLY easy to use.  Just SIGN UP FOR RAKUTEN and start your shopping from their site and spend $40.  Their payout date would likely be February 15, and who can't use extra cash anytime, but especially in February?

So, this is a way to make that LOL Surprise more able to fit in the budget, or be able to put the latest American Girl Doll under the tree this year!

Of course, you could also use it for things like groceries at so what are you waiting for?  Join today!

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