Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Best Sign Up Deal of the Year at TopCashBack

 FTC disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.

I love cash back websites.  I have used them for years and have received THOUSANDS of dollars back from shopping I would have done anyway.

One of my go-to sites is TopCashBack! I like it because they support some stores that other cash back sites don't offer like eBay and ThriftBooks.  (And as you know, I love my books.)

The second reason I like TopCashBack is from time to time they will send bonus offers.  I am not sure what triggers them, but sometimes it will be offers like get an additional $2 back when you spend $10 at any store starting through Top Cash Back! That's a great deal because you can get the bonus from the store of your choice.

I suspect it was a Black Friday offer, but just today I got a $5 back from a $10 purchase.  I went and bought a box of $10 chocolates at Walgreens for my sister-in-law for Christmas!  

Well, right now, TopCashBack is offering their biggest sign up bonus of the year FOR NEW USERS.  If you sign up and start your shopping through the site and earn $10 by the end of the month, you will also get an ADDITIONAL $15 back!  How's that for stacking cash back on cash back on sales?  Sound pretty sweet to me!

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