Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pants? No Chance! Book review and Giveaway! Ends 4/21

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I love books!   I especially love children's books.   In fact, I love children's books so much that when I was a senior in college, I needed an elective.  I decided to take children's literature so I could get college credit for reading children's books.   We did have to study about what made a children's book quality literature, but I loved spending so much time in the children's section of the local library.  A few of the books we were required to read were ones I already owned even though they were published after I was a child.

I also love entering giveaways online.  I recently saw a giveaway for the book Lulupop Pants! No Chance! and entered.  I won, and when the book arrived, I settled in to read it.  I was instantly charmed by the delightful illustrations.

As I started reading, I realized this book had absolutely every trait of a good children's book according to my children's literature professor.  Plus it is one of the most fun books I have come across in a long time.

Lulupop never wants to wear pants -- she always wants to wear dresses.  This is a great book with repetition with difference which we learned was very important as children love to anticipate what is coming next.  The same thing happens every day for a week.  Lulupop's mother brings her some type of pants.  I loved how each day it was different -- leggings, jeans, overalls, etc.  The days of the week are mentioned in order as well, starting with Monday.  Each day Lulupop says "Pants!  No chance!"   (I love how she created a sing song way of saying no.  I love rhyme.)  Then Lulupop says something so silly and crazy that she would love to do instead of wearing pants.   While I don't have children, I know this is something I would have giggled at to no end when I was a child.  

This is a book that teaches consequences of our actions.  Sometimes it's best to wear pants, sometimes it's best to wear a dress.  Lulupop has a week of things that aren't as fun as they could have been if she had worn pants.  

The end of the book Lulupop comes up with a solution and even creates her own word.  I loved that because I was always creating my own words when I was little.

I have to say Susan Layni hit the bullseye with with book.   Often when I win a giveaway for a book, I will then pass it on to my library.  This book, however, has been added to my personal collection and I hope to share it with many little girls over the years.  My only complaint?  Where was Susan Lanyi when I was a preschooler?  I can tell you now that this would have been my favorite book!

I loved this book so much I contacted the author and offered to do a giveaway for one copy of Pants! No chance!  This giveaway ends April 21, 2015.  It is open to the USA and Canada.  One entry per person per day.


  1. I would share it with my 4 daughters

  2. my sister's little one that she is adopting~!

  3. My two 5-year-old kids love to read and would love this book.

    Thanks for hosting and making this giveaway open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. I know my niece who will be 7 next month would love this book. Thank you for the chance :)

  5. I would share it with my grandkids.

  6. I would love to win this and share with my grandkids

  7. I would share with my children (andrea amy)

  8. I plan on sharing it with my daughters.

  9. I plan on sharing this book with my daughters.

  10. I'd share with my little girl, she adores books!

  11. I'd share this with nieces. My girls are probably a little too old, but I am sure my nieces would enjoy it!

  12. I would give it to my grandkids.


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