Friday, May 6, 2011

Redeeming myself with the Vet

The vet called.  Wanted to check up on the little guy.  (Probably wondering if I'd killed him yet giving him 48 CCs of meds.  See my post from Tuesday about me telling the vet I gave him 48 CCs instead of 2.8 CCs!)

The good news was I was able to tell him in the course of conversation how bad my math skills are, especially when it comes to metric and CCs.  (Actually I'm better at metric than probably 90% of Americans, but after my 48 CCs statement when it should have been 2.8 CCs, well, let's just let him think I have no math skills whatsoever.)

The vet said it might be a few weeks until the little one is back to normal.  He is also dropping some meds in the mail for me and told me to give him 1/10 of a pill. 

ONE-TENTH OF A PILL?   Now how do I do THAT?   I did talk to a friend who is a pharmacist today and he said he has a good pill cutter that he can probably get it into 8ths.  (My pill cutter kind of crumbles pills.  So I guess when I get these I'll see if my friend will cut these for me.)

But at least I was able to redeem myself a litle with my math error.  And my little pig is getting some other meds.  The vet also wants me to call at the begining of the week to let him know how the little one is doing.

Note to self:  Spend some time studying metric and CCs before talking to the vet again.  (Hmm, that was my "Not to self" on Tuesday night, and somehow that didn't happen before the vet called again!)  Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow, right?

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