Friday, April 22, 2011

Help Japan by Web Surfing

Did you know that Swagbucks is offering a way you can help relief efforts in Japan without it costing you anything?  You can check out their Japan efforts page by clicking here!

I've mentioned before that Swagbucks is my FAVORITE search engine.  It gives good results, and you can earn points by just searching the web like you would do at other search engines.  Last year I traded in my points for $60 of Amazon gift cards, and so far this year I'm up to $35.

But right now, if you wish to donate points to help Japan, Swagbucks is allowing you to do so.

And if you join before 3pm Eastern (12 PST) on May 2nd, if you use the code HelpJapan you will receive an additional 50 Swagbucks just for joining!

So now is the time to join! 

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