Friday, January 7, 2011

If it's not okay for me. . .

I'm on a couple different book sharing sites where you mail a book you no longer want and can request one from someone else.

Well, a situation happened this week I found annoying.

Club rules clearly state no books that are water damaged or have writing in them. 

I'd been getting a lot of books with just that -- one book even looked like it had been through a flood (and the funny thing about that is the sender wrapped it in Saran Wrap to keep it from getting wet in the mail, sorry, but the damage had already been done!), so I made a note to remind people when I request a book of the rules of no water damaged books or books with writing in them. 

I get a cancellation this week saying that a book I requested is water damaged and therefore they won't send it to me.  So you know what they do?  They post it back in the system to they can send someone else a book that doesn't meet posting guidelines.

Overall my trading experiences have been really good, but this just really irritated me! If it's not acceptable according to the rules, it's not acceptable!

Now off to read a different book that was delievered yesterday!  :)

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  1. I love the idea of swapping books but why not just go to your local library and get the books you want. Most libraries, if they don't have what you want, will either get it from another library or buy it for their own collection. Susan C.