Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another overcharge

Why, oh why don't I follow my own advice and go through my receipt and bags at the store.  I called the manager once I got home and she said to just bring it to the counter.  But how many time will they keep believing me that I'm not getting stuff I'm being charged for?

Today I was charged for a bottle of Diet Dr Pepper that never made it in my cart ($1.19) and "MEAT KYRING" ($4.40).  I have no idea what a MEAT KYRING is, and I didn't buy any meat on this trip. 

Maybe I should just start a Kroger Shopper blog.   Grrr.  At least they are going to take care of it this time again.

I know one time I bought a couple green peppers that were not put in my cart.  

I'm glad they will take care of this again.  I caught a $39.92 mistake before leaving the store earlier this month, then my $21 from the fish was refunded, now a $5.59 overcharge.  That's over $66 I would have been overcharged had I not been more observant!  In ONE month!

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