Monday, November 22, 2010

Pepperoni Rolls

If you are asking yourself "What is a pepperoni roll?" then you are obviously not from West Virginia or the surrounding area.

I've not been feeling the best the last couple days and aside from an ill-prepared (no pun intended) trip to Walgreens, I don't have much to write about today.  However, I stopped at the store last night and bought a bag of pepperoni rolls.

What is a pepperoni roll?  They were invented in Fairmont, West Virginia and originally they were just pepperoni baked into bread.  However, since that time there are other variations.  Chili and cheese is my favorite and that's popular in the Fairmont area.   In my area, about an hour from Fairmont, cheese baked into the roll is a favorite.  A friend from Poca, West Virginia once told me that I made my pepperoni rolls "wrong" because I put chili in them instead of tomato paste.  I had never heard of that variation, but then again, Poca is no where near where I live in the state.

To make the simple ones, it's quite easy.  Get sliced pepperoni (or slice it yourself) and wrap bread dough around it and bake it until the bread is done.  These make great snacks for kids.  When I volunteered with Special Olympics, lunch was pepperoni rolls, only they shredded the pepperoni to make it safer for children with handicaps to eat.

The best site about pepperoni rolls that I have found is The Pepperoni Roll Homepage.  Of course this article on pepperoni rolls on Wikipedia isn't bad either.

In fact, I would have to say the best "cold" pepperoni rolls I have ever eatten are from Foodland in Oakland, Maryland.  (While they are a West Virginia food, they have spread a bit to the surrounding area.)  Foodland sells 12 for $3.29 for the smaller rolls.  They are wonderful!

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