Friday, January 19, 2018

How To Sanitize Your Smart Phone

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It's flu season again, and with this year's flu shot not being as effective as some years, extra vigilance is required to try and stay healthy this year.  One way to do that is to make sure your smartphone is as clean as possible.  Charles Gerba, microbiologist at University of Arizona, states that the average smartphone has more than 10 times the bacteria on it than most toilet seats!

Here's a few tips to keeping your iPhone 8, iPhone X, and your Samsung Galaxy Note8 germ free this cold and flu season:

Wash and sanitize your hands regularly.  This goes a long way in helping to prevent coming down with a bug, and it also is helpful in keeping your phone or tablet clean.  Germs travel easily from hands to devices (and things like light switches, doorknobs, etc.)  Clean hands transfer fewer germs so wash those hands.  Singing the ABCs or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (they are the same tune) while you wash your hands helps ensure you wash long enough!

Disinfect devices and cases regularly.  Using a disinfectant wipe that does NOT contain bleach can help reduce germs on your devices.  Wring out the wipe several times to minimize the amount of moisture that gets near your phone.  After using the disinfectant, wipe with a microfiber cloth.  Or you could invest in a special cleaners made just for electronics.  U.S. Cellular Stores sell Gadget Guard Greener Cleaner.

The most difficult places to clean on a iPhone are the headphone jack, charging port, speaker and microphone.  Do not use a toothpick or cotton swap to clean these tiny places.  They can damage circuitry and/or leave behind cotton fibers.  Amazon sells a  putty that has been created specifically for electronics called Cyber Clean.

Don't use devices in the bathroom.  This should be a no-brainer because of the amount of moisture in that room and the risk of dropping your phone in the loo.  (I know someone who has dropped multiple phones in the toilet and had to replace each one.)  Yet, 61% of people, according to an survey, said they use their phone in the restroom.  The habit of "toilet texting" can cause users to become ill as germs from the bathroom can wind up on the phone.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Embracing Grief at the Holidays

I think most of us can remember a time we loved the holidays.  Santa Claus. Our grandparents giving us huge hugs -- and even bigger gifts.  The smells of the once a year treats from the oven, and laughter of cousins.  I think for many of us somewhere along the way the magic of Christmas has turned into dread or endurance.

My husband and I didn't put up a Christmas tree this year.  It has always been my favorite part of Christmas.  I love looking through the ornaments and remembered so many good times.  The doll my 2nd grade teacher made out of a pack of lifesavers and a styrofoam ball head.  Yes, I have a roll of 34 year old candy in my Christmas decorations.  I loved my teacher, and the fact she made something for me was so special.  (She made one for each of us in our class.)But then there are the other ornaments.  Childhood creations from people who won't speak to me any longer.  Ornaments bought on years the holidays wouldn't be considered "good".  The year a family member threw out all the gifts I gave him.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tech Savvy Senior Citizens And Smart Phone Options

FTC disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post from U.S. Cellular.  

I was a caregiver for my mother for years.  One of the things that was difficult for her was making the switch from a land line to a cell phone.  I wish I knew then what I know now about mobile phones and the elderly. 

Now just over 40% of adults 65 and over have a smart phone.  That is up from 18% in 2013!  It's no wonder either with all the features the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provide.

For many seniors, they may have difficulty with eyesight, hearing, or dexterity.  That can intimidate some shoppers. Most smartphones have an "Accessibility" option in the settings where users can increase font size, activate high contrast and set voice controls! 

I have a friend a friend who is deaf, and would you believe she has a smartphone!  Did you know that most smartphones now allow closed captioning and LED flash notifications.  Of course, she uses text to communicate.  Reality is, even if someone is totally deaf, a smartphone can open up a world of communication to them. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Owl That Was Afraid Of The Dark Children's book

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The Owl That Was Afraid of the Dark is an adorable picture book that is also interactive for children.

The beginning of the book there is a 'hole' in the page where Owl is looking out of her tree.  The next page has a lift the flap where you can see some foxes. This is talking about her being afraid of the dark and not getting to play with her friends because they come out at night.

When she receives an invitation to go flying with a friend, children can unfold the letter.

The moon sees her sad and has a talk with her about how she can know that God is always with her even if she can't see Him and she doesn't need to be afraid.

Monday, December 4, 2017

She Reads Truth Bible Review

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received a free copy of this Bible to review.  All opinions are my own.

My very first impression of the She Reads Truth Bible was "It's Heavy!"as it is almost four pounds.  There is  the She Reads Truth Bible was how heavy it is.  Weighing in at just under four pounds, it's nearly the weight of the barbells I use to work out.  (Puts a whole new meaning on strengthening yourself in the Word, doesn't it?)  I have made heavy Bibles my main Bible in the past, so I wouldn't discount this just because of the weight.  There is the a lighter version in LeatherTouch weighing in at 3.2 pounds.  However the hardcover Bible does come in its own slipcover making it extra nice, and the color is really pretty.  (The official color is "Poppy" but I kind of think of it as a rose-peach.  This would look beautiful on any bookshelf with a display of nice looking books.

The only version it comes in is the Contemporary English Version, also known as the CEV.  This is a version that was produced by the American Bible Society.  In my opinion it would be nice to have other versions available because this is such a nice Bible.