Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adoption (non) update

It's been a week since we got the news every prospective adoptive parent fears -- and so far we haven't heard anything more.  The agency isn't sure what is going on, and of course we're just as clueless.

We fell in love with a specific boy, and that's why we started the adoption process when we did.  But now it's looking like we won't be able to adopt him.

People have asked me specifics, but it's like I told someone, "In the even things do work out and we are able to adopt him, it's his story and he should have the ability to share it or not share it, whatever he chooses."   I don't feel I can make that decision for him.

We are continuing in the process to adopt.  The agency said there has only been one other situation like this before, and it was settled within two weeks.  So, we're hoping and preparing for the best, but bracing that we are just facing empty arms.

As hard as Mother's Day has always been to someone who wants children, I told my husband the other day that I will NEVER attend church on Mother's Day again -- even once I have children.  I feel like this boy was a child of my heart, but all I will likely hear this winter and spring in the house is silence.  No reading of Harry Potter, playing with K'nex, or grumbling about chores and school work.  (We were planning on adopting an older child, and I even had begun purchasing a few small things for him.)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Radar's Roundup of Giveaways August 22, 2015

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While you are here, please enter my giveaway for the Embers of Elegance necklace and earrings by Paparazzi Accessories.  All items are only $5 each if you want to order one and not wait and see if you win!  I joined as an independent consultant because we are attempting to adopt, and adoptions are expensive.  These make great gifts, and if you want to host a Facebook party, you can earn free jewelry, or you could sign up to sell the accessories yourself and make money!  


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Adoption Limbo

I didn't mean to be this quiet this week, but we got some news from the adoption agency, and they are unsure of what is going on, and we're even more clueless.  We're hoping and praying that things work out, we already love this little boy, and I often say not knowing what is going on is more difficult than knowing.  I'm on pins and needles and jump every time the phone rings.

Please pray for our little boy and us.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paparazzi Embers of Elegance Necklace and Earrings Giveaway Ends 8/30

FTC disclaimer:  I provided the prize myself, and this post does contain affiliate links.

I have some big news!  I'm now a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.   What is Paparazzi?  Well,  it is:


So why did I decide to join the Paparazzi team?   I had visited a home party and bought some items to use as Christmas gifts, and they were very well received.  (I was told by one lady I gifted a necklace to that there was no way it was only five dollars, but WAY!  It was only five dollars -- with matching earrings no less!)

I love being social, and that's another thing I love about Paparazzi -- I can do Facebook parties, home parties, go to flea markets and make friends while offering them fun jewelry and earning money!

Why else did I become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant?   We are hoping to adopt and I want to be a stay at home mom and be able to demonstrate to my child how to run a business.  Paparazzi will allow me to do that.

To celebrate, I am going to give away the Embers of Elegance Necklace with matching earrings here on my blog.  Open to the USA only, and ends 8/30.  Winner needs to be 18 or older and contact me within 48 hours of receiving the winning e-mail.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Memories of 1980s toys at the Kitchen Table

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I called my Father-In-Law yesterday for some information needed on the adoption paperwork.  He said, "I think all the adoption process is -- is paperwork."

I have a number of friends who adopted from overseas, so when I saw our first stack of paperwork, I actually asked our social worker, "That's it".  She said, "For now."

But I underestimated the work.  I spent two hours on Saturday on my parent self-evaluation.

I'll share one of the questions and my answer.

Who were you closest to growing up?  Explain.

Mom spent lots of time with me reading, doing children's crafts, allowing me to play school where I would teach her what I had learned that day.  Many of my memories of her are at the kitchen table with us doing an activity.

This is all I had room for on the evaluation, but I could have said so much more.  We used to play games, the Alaska Oil Game being our favorite.  I had a Barbie "play school" kit with report cards and more.  Sometimes I would give Mom a report card at the end of an evening.  We used to take old greeting cards and cut them up and glue the pictures on construction paper.  There were Paint with Water books, and 64 count Crayola Crayons.  There was the game, "Walk Along Sesame Street".  And whatever possessed my parents to buy me a Barbie perfume maker, I don't know, but there were these sticks that you could put in these little Barbie bottles that would be filled with water, and twirl it around to get some of the scented to come off in the water.  (It looked like worms to me!) and then you would add food coloring.  The food coloring added made me wonder what other makeup I could create, and I went through a stage of making "eye shadow" by adding food coloring to baby powder.

There was my Light Bright, and my talking Viewmaster.

These are some of my kitchen table memories.  We moved when I was 12, and by that time I was a little too old to hang out with Mom, so that's when my kitchen table memories became just that -- memories.  Even though I don't remember the individual games or activities, I still remember the time Mom and I spent together.